About Interplas

Innovation Happens Here

Interplas is the UK and Ireland's definitive plastics exhibition and conference. The entire spectrum of the industry comes to do business, network and discover the latest innovation.

In 2023 the event will be 75 years old. That's 75 years of creating a platform for the UK plastics community to connect and create business opportunities.

Interplas is renowned for hosting new machinery, new product launches, breaking news announcements and exclusive demonstrations, and we have a host of enhancements to ensure the show is relevant for the next 75 years.

Investing in UK plastics

The UK is an important market for plastics. The latest figures suggest the UK has a turnover of £27billion with more than 6,000 companies engaged in the plastics industry and over 162,000 people directly employed by the industry. Interplas is the showcase for these numbers, bringing them to life on the show floor.

Rapid News Group is the organisation behind the resurgence of Interplas. With continuing investment in key areas such as marketing, content and infrastructure we can be rightly proud of the positive impact we have had on the UK and Ireland’s plastic industry since 2011.

We will continue to strive to be the best showcase for the UK plastics industry. A celebration of the best of the sector, a gathering of the brightest people, best technology and most innovative developments.

Ahead of the 2023 event, Dave Gray, Head of Content at British Plastics & Rubber and Interplas Insights sat down with Duncan Wood, Chief Executive of Rapid News Group to find out more about the journey the show has been on and what to look forward to in 2023.

Intelligent Business Connections

The result of everything we work towards is a connection.

We connect the international plastics community with invaluable insights, the latest technology news and fresh perspectives through a mix of media including the Interplas Insights news site, podcast and e-newsletter, the British Plastics & Rubber Magazine, and the Diversity in Plastics network.

Whether you have tactical or strategic marketing goals, make us a cornerstone of your marketing mix and we will deliver significant connections for your organisation globally.


British Plastics & Rubber Magazine 

At the heart of the UK plastics industry for over 45 years, British Plastics & Rubber (bp&r) acts as a central connection between the industry, those working in it, those supplying to it and those buying from it, by providing key news, insights, and updates.

Established in 1976, British Plastics & Rubber features a unique combination of polymer processing industry news and feature-led editorial. The magazine covers in-depth, technical articles which provide informative insight and information, as well as the latest news updates informing subscribers of product launches, developments, expansions, and case studies.

The magazine has over 8,000 subscribers to the print edition, and, because it is fully audited and has an active subscriptions renewal programme, we can be certain that our readers are relevant, receptive and that they have individually registered to receive a copy. Register for your copy today. 


Insights 365 days a year

Interplas may only take place every three years, but we offer content, community and connections year-round.

Our content is unsurpassed in its focus, integrity and originality. Our editorial team will always question the news, challenge the inevitable hype around trends and endeavour to provide you with trusted information, insights and intelligence.

Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your business, whatever your part in the supply chain, through media including print magazines, e-newsletters, social media and our podcast.


The strength and consistency of our content across our plastics brands, including British Plastics & Rubber, Interplas, Interplas Insights and Women in Plastics, means we are the go-to resource for the international plastics community.

At the heart of the UK plastics industry, we are the central connection between the industry, workers, suppliers and buyers, by providing key news, insights and updates.


The Interplas event may only take place every three years but we can connect you to the right people 365 days a year through print, digital and live platforms built on more than thirty years of expertise in the technologies and industries we serve.

These connections deliver outstanding results and value to each of our partners, whether you're looking to buy/sell new technology or need in-depth expertise.

Join the future of plastics

Whether you want to exhibit or visit, we'll ensure your needs are met.

Take a look at what's on and why you should join us in 2023 and be part of the future of plastics.
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